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CSS Shaders through WebGL
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CSS Shaders through WebGL

For more information and demos, please read the introduction here.


To have the script parse all the CSS automatically (very experimental), just call:


To manually add a shader:

CSSshaders.add( element, shaderParameters ); - returns shader element


CSSshaders.add( "#content","url(shaders/flag.vs) url(shaders/grayscale.fs), 20 20, phase 50.0, amplitude 100.0, txf rotateX(45deg), amount 1")

Shader element methods:

  • transition( duration, function); - adds transition with specified duration and function, returns Shader element
  • state( shaderParameters ); - creates CSS state with specified parameters, returns Shader state

Shader state methods:

  • enable() - enable state
  • disable() - disable state
  • toggle() - toggle state
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