how do I initialize it? what js files should I include in the page? #120

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slimfadi commented Sep 9, 2012

is there not documentation of how to use this awesome thing?
I tried including jquery.plugin.html2canvas.js after jquery.js but it's not working

niklasvh commented Sep 9, 2012

Just include html2canvas.js and use (once document.body is ready):

html2canvas( [ document.body ], {
onrendered: function( canvas ) {
    /* canvas is the actual canvas element, 
       to append it to the page call for example 
       document.body.appendChild( canvas );

Which would render document.body.

slimfadi commented Sep 9, 2012

thanx, this helps :)

ghost commented Oct 7, 2012

Can't find html2canvas.js in the download folder. Doesn't seem to be a build/ folder either.

ghost commented Oct 7, 2012

Ah, just realised you can download the build/ files separately here:


@slimfadi @niklasvh Can this be closed?

@niklasvh niklasvh closed this Sep 1, 2014
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