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Strange situation #61

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I have instal new firefox 10.0.2 and html2canvas stop working. What i need to have instal to browser to working html2canvas..
For what reason I add " proxyUrl: "",?


If there are images hosted under a different origin (i.e. different domain, subdomain, protocol), then you will need a proxy to load them. You shouldn't use "" for production as it has very limited daily bandwidth and I may or may not restrict it for scripts at some point, so you should setup your own, if you need one.

Ideally, you would have the images under the same origin though.


How to setup my one proxy ?


That depends on your system, the one I use is written in Python and is available here:

and it can be deployed to AppSpot. You can however code one in what ever language you want, just use same input/output model as that proxy does (yes, I am aware there is no actual documentation on it)


Ok so i soulf put it on my domain in some directory and then put the url to it on ProxyURL ? Only to directory or specifie file? Please write me how to do it :)


Hello, could you please provide more details on how to use the proxy plugin ?


I had my question answered here : niklasvh/html2canvas-proxy#2
Thanks !

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