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Arduino project for the ESP8266 + SHT30 sensor that posts temperature and humidity over MQTT
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Simple ESP8266 code that reads temperature and humidity from a SHT30 sensor and publish the values over MQTT. Developed solely for the LOLIN D1 mini with a SHT30 addon but should work on any ESP8266 with a SHT30 attached.

To prevent that the relatively high-powered ESP8266 chip heats up the SHT30 sensor the ESP8266 is put into deep-sleep between cycles. The ESP8266 wakes up aprox every 50 seconds, and then reads the SHT30 chip before connecting to wifi/MQTT to further prevent the ESP from affecting the sensor.

Please note that MQTT is unencrypted so credentials will be sent in the clear over the MQTT TCP connection.


All configurable settings can be adjusted in th setup.h file before building.

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Please visit my project page at for more details.

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