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A fluid and mobile friendly navigation concept by Niklaus Gerber

«NavLax» is my take on the beautiful navigation concept of the Teehan+Lax (http://www.teehanlax.com) agency website. It has been built to be fluid responsive and to work with ease on any mobile device with or without retina screen. The grid and the Flat-UI components are taken from my «Rapid Bootstrap». Please feel free to send me a link if you implemented it into one of your projects.

You can see a live preview here: NavLax Live Preview


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NavLax: https://github.com/niklausgerber/NavLax
Niklaus Gerber
Twitter: @niklausgerber
URL: https://www.niklausgerber.com
Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Download, Fork, Commit.

If you think you can make this better, please Download, Fork, & Commit. I'd love to see your ideas.


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