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A library to simplify flushing HTTP responses early in ASP.NET MVC.



CourtesyFlush can be installed via NuGet:

Install-Package CourtesyFlush

Why Flush Early?

Flushing early can provide performance improvements in web applications and has been a recomended best practice in the web performance community since 2007.

To find out more, check out my blog where I covered the benefits of flushing early in two posts:


CourtesyFlush is easy to use. It builds on top of common ASP.NET MVC Action Filter functionality.

A full writeup of how to use CourtesyFlush is availble on my blog.

Release Notes


  • Added support for AntiForgeryTokens. Example usage:

    // The "GET" action that includes the token...
    [HttpGet, FlushHead(Title = "Flushed Title", FlushAntiForgeryToken = true)]
    public ActionResult Register()
        return View();
        // Inside this view, call @Html.FlushedAntiForgeryToken() instead of @Html.AntiForgeryToken()
    // The "POST" action with standard ValidateAntiForgeryToke attribute 
    [HttpPost, ValidateAntiForgeryToken]
    public ActionResult Register(string username, string password)
        // handle valid request here

    NOTE: AntiForgeryToken support only available in .NET 4.5


  • Re-branded from PerfMatters.Flush to CourtesyFlush