A listing of tools that are made freely available to open source projects.
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OSS Perks

A listing of tools & services freely available to open source (OSS) projects at OSSPerks.com. For updates, be sure to follow @OSSPerks on Twitter.

How to Add Your Favorite Perk

  • Fork the repository
  • Use the following YAML template to create an additional perk.
  #name of the product/service & the uri to apply for a license
- perk: {name: GitHub, uri: 'http://github.com/'} 
  #product/service description
  description: Powerful collaboration, review, and code management for open source and private development projects. 
  #categories the produce/service fits in
  categories: [Source Control, Issue Management]
  #the development platform the product/service is for
  platforms: [Any]
  #name of the product/service vendor & the uri to their site
  company: {name: GitHub, uri: 'http://github.com/'}
  • Add the results to the perks: list at the top of index.html.
  • Submit a pull request


  • Try to use {URL to Product/Service Page} that points to information about what is needed to qualify for a free license.
  • platforms: is a development platform like .NET, Java, JavaScript or Ruby.
    • For non-platform specific tools, enter Any, not an operating system.
  • Do not submit freeware or shareware to be listed, those aren't really perks 😉

About ossperks.com

The long term plan is to build something big and beautiful that provides value for open source projects, consisting of a community edited information source. But for starters we're keeping it simple while taking the pulse of the community. Is there any interest? What are the needs?