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:title: TinySite Documentation
:description: The documentation for the TinySite static site engine



TinySite is a small static site engine with Heroku and Dropbox in mind. The idea is to host the app for a site on Heroku and take advantage of their awesome application stack and provide the static content via Dropbox.

For a guide to get you started immediately, go directly to the installation and usage page. This documentation site is powered by TinySite. It may serve you as a blueprint for your own app.

If you like TinySite and don’t have a Dropbox account already: Supporting this project by using my Dropbox affiliate link would be the easiest possibility to give back. And the best part is: When you use the affiliate link, not only me, but you too get 250MB extra space on Dropbox. If you do this and you’d like to be listed as a supporter just drop me a note.

If you use TinySite I’d love to refer to it in a (yet to be added) TinySite in the wild section.

TinySite is on and on

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