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NXBoost (NXB) an open source cryptocurrency and globally accessible payment network, with a highly-scalable, hyper-fast, low-fee transaction profile. The NXBoost network features a low-barrier, fully democratized governance mechanism, user-friendly cross-platform clients for universal adoption and a large-scale masternode network supporting a diverse set of services available to network participants. To secure its network, NXBoost utilizes a Quark-based Proof of Work consensus algorithm, to be later switched over to an environmentally-friendly Proof of Stake. Masternode operators are compensated for the services they provide, as are miners and stakers for cryptographically validating transaction on the network.

For more information please visit us at: or visit our ANN thread at: BitcoinTalk

Coin Specs

• Coin Name: NXBoost
• Ticker: NXB
• PoW Algorithm: Quark
• Premine: (#1 Block) 100,001 NXBoost (0,17% of PoW)*
• PoW Blocks: 2 - 409000
• PoS Blocks: Starting from 409001
• Block Time: 60 Seconds • PoW Max Coin Output/Supply: 57,879,300
• PoW Ending: ~ ca. 330 Days (Estimated: October 2018)
• Masternode Requirements: 10,000 NXB
• Maturity: 30 Confirmations
• Prefix: NXBoost adresses start with the capital letter "A"

*the premine is going to be burned on the 1st November 2018

PoW Reward Distribution

Block HeightReward AmountMasternodesMinersDev fee
Block 2 - 86400200 NXB Masternodes 40 NXBMiners 160 NXB0 NXB
Block 86401 - 151200150 NXB Masternodes 37,5 NXBMiners 112,5 NXB0 NXB
Block 151201 - 225000125 NXB Masternodes 37,5 NXBMiners 87,5 NXB0 NXB
Block 225001 - 302400125 NXB Masternodes 75 NXBMiners 43,75 NXB6,25 NXB
Block 302401 - 345600100 NXB Masternodes 60 NXBMiners 35 NXB5 NXB
Block 345601 - 38880075 NXB Masternodes 45 NXBMiners 26,25 NXB3,75 NXB
Block 388801 - 40896050 NXB Masternodes 30 NXBMiners 17,5 NXB2,5 NXB
Block 408961 - 4090001 NXB Masternodes 0.6 NXBMiners 0.35 NXB0.5 NXB

Masternode and staking rewards with PoS: During the PoS phase, rewards will be distributed among masternode operators, stakers and the dev fund based on a distribution ratio of 60%/30%/10% respectively.

PoS Reward Distribution

Proof of Stake will automatically be enabled at block height 409001.

Block HeightReward Amount
Block 409001 - 4104001 NXB
Block 411841 - 53856060 NXB
Block 538561 - 58176025 NXB
Block 581761 - 62496010 NXB
Block 624961 - infinite5 NXB

Further information

For more information check out our whitepaper at:

Alternatively, we have added a non .pdf version in our Github repository. You can find it in the NXBoost Github Wiki.

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