CSV databases editor, reader and saver written in OOC -- part of a greater plan :p
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OOCSV version 0.1

OOCsv is a library that allows you to open, edit and save csv (comma separated values) files as if they were databases and all that awesomeness written in OOC =D
Currently you can select columns/fields, change a field's/column's data, swap two columns/lines, delete a column/line/field, add a field/column/line,  sort the database
on ascending/descending order based on the column, select a line of the database based on index or on a field's place in a column you choose and last but not least save your database. 
The code is pretty messy but it was written in one day so ... :p
See the example.ooc file that comes the library for more info about OOCsv's usage, or just look directly in oocsv.ooc library file
You are free to use, modify and redistribute OOCsv

Note: ascending and descending ordering, when they look to see if two lines need switching, first check to see if they are all numerical and thus convert the data into Int
and do the comparison and if they are not it just compared their characters ascii codes, so order becomes 0 .. 9, A .. Z and a .. z