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(in-package :raylisp)
(declaim (inline intersect))
(defun intersect (object ray counters shadow)
(multiple-value-bind (hitp x)
(funcall (object-intersection object) ray)
(note-intersection counters shadow hitp)
(when hitp
(if shadow
(if x x object)))))
(defgeneric compute-light-properties (light scene))
(defun compile-scene-light (light scene)
(destructuring-bind (&key incident-light illumination)
(compute-light-properties light scene)
(assert (and incident-light illumination))
:direction incident-light
:illumination illumination)))
(declaim (inline light-vector illuminate))
(defun light-vector (light point)
(funcall (light-direction light) point))
(defun illuminate (light point light-vector counters)
(funcall (light-illumination light) point light-vector counters))
;;;### Light Buffers
;;; Lights do not need to, but they can take advantage of the built-in
;;; support for light-buffers by obtaining an optimized shadow-casting
;;; function during compilation for the relevant location:
;;; TODO: Actually implement light buffers: sort scene into six groups:
;;; bounding box in +x, -x, +y, -y, +z, and -z direction from light.
;;; When casting shadows test only objects in the gross direction of the
;;; point from location, and place the shadowing object first in the
;;; group.
(defun shadow-function (light location scene)
(declare (ignore location))
(check-type scene scene)
(if (fill-light-p light)
(constantly nil)
(with-arrays (location)
(let ( ;; No real light buffers yet: just a single shadow object cache.
(last nil))
(lambda (point nlv len counters)
(declare (type vec point nlv) (type float len)
(optimize speed))
(with-ray (ray :origin point :direction nlv :extent len)
(when (or (and last (intersect last ray counters t))
(let ((int (find-scene-intersection ray scene counters t)))
(when int
(setf last int))))
(defclass camera (name-mixin)
((location :accessor location-of)
(direction :accessor direction-of)
(up :accessor up-of)
(right :accessor right-of)))
(defmethod print-object ((camera camera) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (camera stream :type t)
(format stream "loc: ~S dir: ~S right: ~S up: ~S"
(location-of camera) (direction-of camera)
(right-of camera) (up-of camera)))
(defgeneric compute-camera-function (camera))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((camera camera) &key
look-at direction location
focal-length sky
right up aspect-ratio)
(when (and look-at direction)
(error "Both :LOOK-AT and :DIRECTION given."))
(when (and focal-length direction)
(error "Both :DIRECTION and :FOCAL-LENGTH given."))
(when (and (or up right) (not (and up right)))
(error "Only one of :UP and :RIGHT given."))
(when (and aspect-ratio up right)
(error ":ASPECT-RATIO given in addition to :UP and :RIGHT."))
(when (and sky up right)
(error ":SKY given in addition to :UP and :RIGHT."))
(unless location
(setf location (vec 0.0 2.0 -10.0)))
(let ((normalized-direction
(when direction
(normalize direction))))
(unless direction
(unless look-at
(setf look-at +origin+))
(unless focal-length
(setf focal-length 1.0))
(setf normalized-direction (normalize (vec- look-at location))
direction (vec* normalized-direction focal-length)))
(unless (and up right)
(unless sky
(if (= 0 (aref direction 0) (aref direction 2))
(setf sky +z+)
(setf sky +y+)))
(unless aspect-ratio
(setf aspect-ratio (/ 4.0 3.0)))
(let* ((n-sky (if sky (normalize sky) +y+))
(n-right (cross-product n-sky normalized-direction)))
(setf right (vec* n-right aspect-ratio)
up (normalize (cross-product normalized-direction n-right))))))
(setf (location-of camera) location
(direction-of camera) direction
(right-of camera) right
(up-of camera) up))
(defgeneric normalize-camera (camera width height))
(defmethod normalize-camera ((camera camera) width height)
(make-instance (class-of camera)
:up (normalize (up-of camera))
:right (normalize (right-of camera))
:direction (direction-of camera)
:location (location-of camera)))
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