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(in-package :raylisp)
(defclass line-light (scene-light color-mixin location-mixin axis-mixin)
:initform 8
:initarg :samples
:reader samples-of)
:initform 5.0
:initarg :length
:reader length-of)))
(defmethod compute-light-properties ((light line-light) scene)
(let* ((location (location-of light))
(color (color-of light))
(shadow-fun (shadow-function light location scene))
(samples (samples-of light) )
(step (coerce (/ (length-of light) samples) 'single-float))
(power (/ 1.0 samples))
(axis (axis-of light)))
(declare (function shadow-fun)
(fixnum samples)
(single-float step power)
(vec axis))
(lambda (point)
(vec- location point))
(lambda (point light-vector counters)
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((p 0.0))
(dotimes (i samples)
(let* ((lv (vec+ light-vector (vec* axis (+ (* i step) (random step)))))
(len (vec-length lv)))
(declare (dynamic-extent lv))
(%vec/ lv lv len)
(unless (funcall shadow-fun point lv len counters)
(incf p power))))
(if (plusp p)
(values (vec* color p) (vec-length light-vector))
(values +black+ -1.0)))))))
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