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Process daemonization for SBCL.
Common Lisp
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Latest commit 6e9804f @nikodemus 0.2: eating my own dogfood
  SB-EXT:QUIT is deprecated, call exit(3) directly since that's what we want.

  Silence compiler noise. (SB-POSIX should probably not provide
  inline-expansions for everything, especially when it just leads to noise
  like this.)

  Clarify reaping in the presence of a user-provided exit-hook.
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README add :SIGHUP argument
daemon.lisp 0.2: eating my own dogfood
package.lisp 0.2: eating my own dogfood
sb-daemon.asd 0.2: eating my own dogfood



Process daemonization for SBCL.

SB-DAEMON:DAEMONIZE forks off a daemonized subprocess. See docstring
for details.
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