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👋 Welcome to my dotfiles 📚

👀 Here is how your terminal could look like 🐅

Nikola's terminal in the wild

Vim logo

⬇️ Installation:

Get started quickly:

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Get into the repo and run the install script

    cd dotfiles && ./install.rb

    Or, you can do it via zx using:

    npx zx install.mjs
  3. Add theme colors to iTerm (optional)

    I use Honukai theme if you're interested in having the similar visual appearance.

    You need to download honukai.itermcolors to Colors tab in iTerm to achieve the same colors.

That is it. If you find something broken or worth fixing, create an issue and / or a pull request and let's make it better.

🔍 It includes:

  • .vimrc, a config file for Vim file editor
  • .gitconfig, a config file for Git CLI
  • .zsh-aliases, a file that contains aliases for the Z shell
  • install.rb, bash script for installing those files

⚠️ Use it at your peril. ⚠️

📻 Pull request are (very) welcome.