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The tool is under development!

RichAnnotator is an annotation tool crafted for rich web documents written in XML-like format. One of the applications is supposed to be annotation of PubMedCentral documents, including rich elements such as tables and figures.

Tool was proposed for development during BLAHmuc. Original proposal that was accepted by BLAHmuc can be found here.

Javascript XML parser

In order to make possible resolving XPath from XML, we created a new parser for XML documents in javascript that builds a tree of XML elements and also saves the original position of the element in the XML string.

Node datastructure is designed in the following manner:

function TreeNode(data,Nodename,order,start,end,parentNode,selected=false){ = data; // String between XML tags
	this.start = start; // Start position in the original string
	this.end = end; // End position in the original string
	this.nodeName = Nodename; // Name of the tag
	this.order= order; // order among the siblings
	this.parent = parentNode; //Pointer to the parent node
	this.children = []; // Array of the children nodes
	this.selected = selected; // Whether it was selected for annotation