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Block people by IP address, city, or proxy, in JavaScript
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If someone is stalking you on your website, here's what you do. This method is all in JavaScript so it works on Tumblr. Of course.. that means that for a stalker to get around it, they can just disable JavaScript in their browser. To prevent that, hide the <body> element with CSS, and show that element when JavaScript is loaded.

How to block people on Tumblr

Click "Edit HTML" in the theme customizer. Paste this code after the <head> tag:

<!-- js-stalker code -- -->
// Configure the blocker here:
var stalker = {
  forward: '!!!!',
  ip_addresses: [''],
  whitelist_ip_addresses: [''],
  cities: ['Seattle', 'Olympia'],
  states: ['OR'],
  proxies: true

<script src="//"></script>
// stalker.js
function proxyBlock(a){document.URL!=stalker.forward&&"Y"==a.proxy&&(window.location=stalker.forward)}
function jsStalkerGet(a){document.URL==stalker.forward||(-1==stalker.ip_addresses.indexOf(a.geoplugin_request)&&-1==stalker.cities.indexOf(a.geoplugin_city)&&-1==stalker.states.indexOf(a.geoplugin_region)||-1!=stalker.whitelist_ip_addresses.indexOf(a.geoplugin_request))||(window.location=stalker.forward);stalker.proxies&&$.ajax({url:"",type:"GET",data:{ip:a.geoplugin_request,format:"jsonp"},crossDomain:!0,dataType:"jsonp",jsonp:"cb",jsonpCallback:"proxyBlock"})}
<script src="" type="application/javascript"></script>
<!-- end js-stalker -->

If you want to still see who gets caught in the blocker in your StatCounter, make sure the StatCounter code is before the js-stalker code.


Specify the site to forward stalkers to

var stalker = { forward: '!!!!' };

Block their house

If you want to block them from going to your site at their house, find their IP address with StatCounter -

var stalker = { ip_addresses: [''] };

Allow certain IP's to get through by putting them in the whitelist:

var stalker = { whitelist_ip_addresses: [''] };

Block their city

To block anyone in Seattle or Olympia:

var stalker = { cities: ['Seattle', 'Olympia'] };

Block anonymous proxies

js-stalker can block users that are suspected of using an anonymous proxy like Tor or

var stalker = { proxies: true };
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