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#define MOD_NO_NOTE 63
#define MOD_NO_SAMPLE 31
#define FREQ 44100
#define LOG(x, fmt) fprintf(stdout, "LOG: %s : %" #fmt "\n", #x, x)
#define CHECK(x) fprintf(stdout, "%s\n", #x)
typedef uint8_t u8;
typedef uint16_t u16;
typedef uint32_t u32;
typedef int8_t s8;
typedef int16_t s16;
typedef int32_t s32;
struct sample_header {
u8 name[22]; //22 bytes
u16 length; //2 bytes
u8 finetune; //1 byte
u8 vol; //1 byte
u16 loopstart; //2 bytes
u16 looplength; //2 bytes //more like loop-end
char *smpdata; //1 byte
struct pattern_entry {
u16 period;
u8 sample;
u8 effect;
u8 param;
struct pattern {
struct pattern_entry pattern_entry[64][4];
struct mod_header {
char name[20];
struct sample_header sample[31];
u8 order[128];
//u8 **pattern;
struct pattern *patterns;
u8 orderCount;
u8 patternCount;
int speed;
int tempo;
struct mix_channel {
//char *data;
double smp_index;
double inc;
u32 vol;
u32 length;
u32 looplength;
int currsample;
int currnote;
int last_sample;
struct mod_header modheader;
void process_row(void);
s8 get_sample(struct mix_channel *chn);
s8 mix(void);
void update(void);
void init_player(void);
int sdl_init(void);
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