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Codename: HEL


  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Installation/Setup
  • Licenses/Tools
  • Troubleshooting
  • FAQ
  • Maintainers


HEL is a DOOM93-like FPS with RPG progression element, resource management and inventory with maybe some Darksouls-like mechanics when you die. Maybe.

In HEL, you either play as Olof, a norse warrior or Fae a shield maiden. Our protagonist will have to hack his way through hordes of enemies and prevent Ragnarok.

What seems to be a normal clan war clans turns to be way more than that. Through its progression on Midgard, the land of the humans, fighting other viking clans our protagonist will quickly become the center of interest in what seems to be a journey to prevent Ragnarok.

Using everything at its disposition, our protagonist will travel through different portals going to all nine norse worlds ending in a fight against Hel and her army on her ship, Naglfar.


This project requires the following software & hardware to be opened/run:

  • Unity 2017.2.0f3 or higher (
  • A machine running windows 7, Mac OsX El Capitan, (Linux) or higher (older operating systems MIGHT work, they were not tested though)


  • Download/Clone the project.
  • Inside Unity, import the project and run it.




Q: What is 'HEL'?

A: 'HEL' is a DOOM93-like FPS with RPG progression element, resource management and inventory with some Darksouls-like mechanics when you die.

Q: Is 'HEL' a Single-Player game?

A: Yes, 'HEL' focuses on a heroes journey throught the 9 norse realms and will feature unique, hand-crafted worlds for you to traverse.

Q: How much is 'HEL' going to cost?

A: 'HEL' is planned to be completely free as long as we develop it. For release, we did not plan a pricing method yet.

Q: Can I collect items and such in the game?

A: You definetely can! 'HEL' features a full RPG system which includes upgradeable weapons, skills and an armor system!

Q: Who is working on 'HEL'?

A: Right now, 'HEL' is being developed by 2 people: Jeff Gagne and Nikolas Klein!


Current maintainers:

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