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Google Interstitial Ads app for NativeScript

This project demonstrates how you can employ the Google Mobile Ads SDK to show interstitial ads in a NativeScript framework app. Thanks to the NativeScript ability to call native API using JavaScript, you can use any native library, just by adding a reference to that library and its documentation. For more information, please refer to the following blog articles:

The improved version of that project which implies how to create modules can be found at this repo.

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Showcased features and SDKs

Here is a list of the features that are showcased in the Google Interstitial Ads app:

  • NativeScript ability to call native API from JavaScript
  • Using an NPM plugin ads a reference to the Google Play Services.
  • Using CocoaPods in an NPM plugin to load a 3rd party library.


The following is a list of requirements for the sample app:

  • The NativeScript runtime with CLI tools version 1.5.2 or above.