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Into Rust

A website containing Rust tutorials. This repo contains the source materials. It is divided into two main parts:

  • src -- contains the jekyll sources for the website itself
  • docs -- contains the rendered jekyll sources used for the GH Pages integration
  • keynote -- contains the keynote sources for the slides

Building the site

Install jekyll, if you haven't already

To do anything, you will need jekyll installed. I am using rbenv. The Ruby version is commited in .ruby-version. If you also use rbenv, you should be able to just checkout the repository, change into the directory, and do something like this (caveat: I am no expert on Ruby, gems, or bundler):

cd src
bundle install


To preview changes you are hacking on, do the following:

cd src
bundle exec jekyll serve

Then connect to This will stay updated as you tweak things, for the most part.

Building and putting the sources live

intorust.com mirrors what is present in the docs directory using GH Pages. So, to build the source, do the following steps:

cd src
bundle exec jekyll build -d ../docs

This will update the docs directlry. Then you need to commit your changes and push to GH.


All content is dual licensed under MIT and Apache. Please feel free to give these presentations independently and spread the love of Rust. =) All contributions imply consent to these licensing terms.