Explainer for Typed Objects and related specs.
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Typed Objects Explainer

This is an effort to pull together and explain the various typed objects spec in an informal fashion. The explanations are divided into groups:

  • Core defines the core typed objects proposal.
  • Value types defines an extension to the core proposal to support new kinds of values, akin to numbers and strings.
  • SIMD defines how the proposed SIMD spec fits into all this.
  • OO types defines an extension to allow typed objects to (more) accurately describe the kinds of things one can describe in Java or C#.
  • Class syntax explores integration of typed objects with ES6 class syntax and modules.
  • Operator overloading describes a mechanism for operator overloading that integrates with the value types proposal.

Caveat: This set of explainers is very much a work in progress. The further down that list you go, the less consensus exists on the design.


Join the IRC channel at #typed-objects on irc.mozilla.org (irc://irc.mozilla.org/typed-objects).