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Palo Alto Firewall Powershell Backup Script

A simple Powershell script to backup single or multiple PA Networks firewall config via the management XML API.


  1. Create the folder c:\panbackup\ on your Windows Server.

  2. Create a local administrator on the firewall as a member of super users (read only). This will allow rights to export the full configuration with phash keys. Which means you can restore the config on a new appliance easily. The below PA documentation details how to create a local firewall administrator:

  3. Generate your API key as follows: https:///api/?type=keygen&user=&password= You can also generate api key via cURL as per the PA documentation below:

  4. Test your powershell script! You may need to set the correct saving path, file names etc. Add a scheduled task and viola! Peace of mind.

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