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Configuration, Permissions, Localization


As usual with Bukkit plugins, the configuration is in the config.yml in the plugin's directory. A config.yml with the default settings is is created after starting and stopping the server with the plugin for the first time.

Please refer to the default config.yml for a complete example.

Note: Gringotts will currently not work correctly with Towny if you set the economy.closed_economy in the Towny configuration.


The language option allows you to set one of Gringotts' supported language for interaction messages with players. Currently supported options are custom (default/english) and de (German). See below on how to modify custom messages to your preferences.


Per default Gringotts uses emeralds as currency, but this can be changed to any other type of item.

Example configuration section:

    singular: Emerald
    plural: Emeralds
  digits: 2
  named-denominations: false
    - material: emerald
      value: 1
    - material: emerald_block
      value: 9

This is the default configuration which uses emeralds as currency, with emeralds having value 1, and emerald blocks value 9.

Individual settings

  • name Name of the currency to be used in messages to players. Please enter both a singular and plural version.
  • digits Decimal digits used in representation and calculation of the currency. Set this to 0 to use only whole number values.
  • named-denominations Whether to display money values in messages split up over denomination values, or as a single sum.
  • denominations A list of key-value mappings, defining the material and name of the item type to use as currency, and the value of the item.


Denominations have the following format:

   - material: material name or id
     damage: damage value of material (optional)
     displayname: a custom name for the currency item (optional)
     lore: a list of custom item lore text lines (optional)
     value: a number
     unit-name: a name for the denomination for display in messages (optional)
     unit-name-plural: plural version of unit-name (optional)
   - (optional: more denominations)
   - ...
  • material can be an item id, a name from the material list, or an item type parsable by Vault (see Vault Items code), if Vault is installed.
  • damage is the modifier value or subtypoe for an item type. For example, all the dyes have the same item type, but different damage values.
  • displayname is a modified item name. Only items with this exact name, including colors, will count as the specified denomination. This does not automatically rename all items of this type, you need to use a separate item renaming plugin for this. It will, however, create currency items based on these settings.
  • lore is a list of custom lore lines that have to be present for an item to be counted as currency. Like displayname, it will only work if added by a third party plugin
  • value is a whole or fractional number denoting the value of a denomination. The number of fractional digits in a currency value should not exceed the number defined as digits.
  • unit-name sets the name for the denomination in messages to the player, such as account balance. If not set, uses the item's display name or regular name.
  • unit-name-plural is the plural version of unit-name. If not set, uses the singular unit name with 's' added.
Example denomination setup with different features used for each denomination

The following setup shows how to specify a currency with Lapis Lazuli as minor denomination with a value of 0.05, Skeleton Heads with a value of 10 and Creeper Heads renamed to "Danger Coin" and additional added lore with a value of 60.

  - material: ink_sack
    damage: 4
    value: 0.05
  - material: skull_item
    value: 10
  - material: skull_item
    damage: 4
    displayname: 'Danger Coin'
    lore: ['Awarded for stupidity in the face of danger','Handle with care']
    value: 60


Gringotts supports two types of taxes on transactions done via /money pay command: flat and rate. Flat taxes are a flat amount added to any transaction, while rate adds a percentage of the actual transaction. These can be used individually or combined.

Example configuration section:

  flat: 1.0
  rate: 0.05

This would add to every transaction 1 plus 5% of the transaction value. For instance, if you had issued the command /money pay 200 notch it would remove 211 emeralds from your account, and add 200 emeralds to notch's account.


  player: 0
  faction: 0
  town: 0
  nation: 0

Amount of virtual money to gift to players on first join, or accounts with other plugins upon creation. This money may be spent as usual, but will not be backed by physical currency. Enable these if you want your players/factions/etc. to start with some money that can't be lost or stolen.

  container: true
  enderchest: true

Globally enable use of specific kinds of vault:

  • container Enable the use of container vaults: chests, dispensers and furnaces. If this is false, only player's inventory and/or enderchests will serve as a player "vault".
  • enderchest Enable use of enderchest as vault for players globally. The permission gringotts.usevault.enderchest may still be used to disable this on a per-player/world basis.

  show-inventory: true
  show-vault: true

Show or hide messages information in inventory and vault balance, in addition to total balance. Disable these if you'd like your balance messages to be less verbose.

Localization and message customization

On first start of Gringotts, a messages.yml file will be written to the Gringotts plugin folder. You can freely edit the available strings and also include text formatting (color) codes.

Some messages contain variables, for example %player for the player's name or %value for the amount transferred in a transaction. It is important not to change or translate these variable names. They may only be used in messages where they are already present in the original version, but it is safe to omit them from a custom message.


Vault creation

  default: true

Allow players to create any type of vault.

  default: op

Allow players to create vaults for other players.

  default: true

Allow players to create vaults for their own account.

  default: true

Allow players to create vaults for their faction (Factions only).
  default: true

Allow players to create vaults for their town (Towny only).

  default: true

Allow players to create vaults for their nation (Towny only).

  default: true

Allow players to create vaults for WorldGuard regions they are member of.

Vault usage

  default: true

Use player inventory and player's enderchest as vault when player is online.

  default: true

Use player inventory as vault when player is online.

  default: true

User commands

Use Gringotts commands.

  default: true

Allow transfer command (pay)

  default: true

Allow withdrawal of money from chest storage to inventory via /money withdraw.

  default: true

Allow deposit of money to chest storage from inventory via /money deposit.

  default: true

Admin permissions

Allow players to transfer money to other accounts via /money pay

  default: op

Allow use of all /moneyadmin commands

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