Command line tool to fetch weather conditions from yahoo
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yahoo-weather is a basic script which prints the weather to file. It is ideal with desktop utilities such as GeekTool.


To use the script, copy the yahoo-weather directory to somewhere on your computer and modify the first few lines of the script. Namely, you will have to enter the location where the script (and its associated resources) are stored and the location where the script should store its output.

I recommend running the script from cron every 30 minutes or so. Then, set GeekTool (or whatever you are using to display the output) to cat the output at a more frequent interval (every few minutes).


yahoo-weather is licensed under the BSD license. See the LICENSE.txt file for more details.

Some images were used without permission, mostly because I could not find the original artists to contact them. To be safe, you should probably not re-use those images commercially. Original images were acquired from: