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This project is based on Piwigo. It aims to provide support for PostgreSQL and SQLite engines.


This project use severals librairies that need at least PHP 5.4.0

PHP 7 ready Dependency Status Build Status


Clone this repository :

$ git clone

Download the composer.phar executable or use the installer.

$ curl -sS | php

Update dependencies via composer :

$ composer.phar install --dev

Install Phyxo through web interface.


If you'd like to contribute, please read the file. You can submit a pull request, or feel free to use any other way you'd prefer.

Running tests

You must have install phyxo first, and update base_url in behat.yml.dist

phyxo is tested using a BDD framework - Behat. To run test :

$ ./bin/behat

But there's also unit tests in phyxo runned with Atoum. To run tests :

$ ./bin/atoum

Tests are automatically runned by travis (see badge above)

And javascript is tested using Jasmine. To run tests, go to local, Jasmine test page


You can find, discover and play with a demo