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little and cute tool that helps to include files into program binaries
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simple tool to pack various resources into binary

Want to include some cute pictures or other things into your executable but don't want to generate megabytes of junk with xdd -i, nor willing to use large and bloated IDEs just for it? Then *.o-ify is your choise! It can generate .c or .s1 files that can be compiled with gcc and linked with your app!

1 to be implemented (^w^')


./dotoify [-h -o outfile -t type ] files...

  • If -h is passed, help message is printed.
  • If -o is passed, generated program outputs into file instead of stdout.
  • If -t is passed, it determines type of generated source. type can be "c" or "gas", for C and GNU Assembler respectively. Default is C.

Example of generated output:

$ ./dotoify testpic.bmp testpic-2.bmp 
// Generated by DOTOIFY to be compiled with gcc or compatible compiler.
#include <stddef.h>

// file testpic.bmp
extern char res_testpic_bmp[];
extern size_t res_testpic_bmp_len;
  ".global res_testpic_bmp\n"
  ".global res_testpic_bmp_len\n"
  "  .incbin \"testpic.bmp\"\n"
  "  .quad .-res_testpic_bmp\n"

// file testpic-2.bmp
extern char res_testpic_2_bmp[];
extern size_t res_testpic_2_bmp_len;
  ".global res_testpic_2_bmp\n"
  ".global res_testpic_2_bmp_len\n"
  "  .incbin \"testpic-2.bmp\"\n"
  "  .quad .-res_testpic_2_bmp\n"
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