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An open source implementation of an Interplanetary File System.
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Why do we need a decetralized storage network?

Why not use Google Drive/Apple Cloud etc. ?

  1. We cannot depend on centralized networks for privacy (
  2. Faster access to data due to geographically more proximate nodes.

What does ShatterDrive do?

ShatterDrive lets you do 2 things.

  1. Host data on your computer (becoming a node on the Shatterverse)
  2. Store data on the Shatterverse

Currently ShatterDrive works on a volunteer based model -- where users voluntarily give up local disk space to the network -- after ShatterDrive has been fully implemented we will be switching over to a Barter based model where you recieve X bytes of data for every Y bytes of space you give up -- in the future there might be an option to buy/sell data as well.

Current Status

  • Shamir's secret sharing Algorithm Implementation is complete.
  • Adpatation of Algorithm to files in progress
  • MiniGoal - Split and reconstruct a file.
  • Improvements - add dynamic compression/extraction.


  • Implement file splitting/reconstruction Algorithm.
  • Enable real-time compression during splitting and decompression during reconstruction. --> In Progress
  • Set up network so people can sign up as nodes.
  • Work on distrubution of data and generating hash to retrieve the data.
  • Move over the data storage structure to a MerkleDag.
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