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SQL Server Database Deveopment template


This development container is an MIT-licensed open source-project, originated from trying out new concepts to simplify the day-to-day SQL Server development process.

It utilizes the remote development concept for Visual Studio Code and brings in FlyWay to handle database migrations.

However, this template are still under development so use it "as is". Feel free to provide feedback, report issues or contribute with a pull request if there is something that can be done in a better way.

System Requirements

  • Visual Studio Code with the Remote Containers extension installed
  • Docker for Desktop

Please read the article Developing inside a Container if this is your first time working with VS Code remote development. This will give you an introduction to the concepts and how to get started.

Getting Started

This section will be updated. In the meantime have a look at the blog post Database migrations using FlyWay

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