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wrap it with describe

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1 parent 4fed7cd commit 31ab74421fd7009d79344237bfda832632bc2204 @niku committed
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  1. +2 −0 spec/apn_on_rails/app/models/apn/group_notification_spec.rb
2 spec/apn_on_rails/app/models/apn/group_notification_spec.rb
@@ -42,12 +42,14 @@
describe 'message_for_sending' do
+ describe do
it 'should create a binary message to be sent to Apple' do
noty = APN::GroupNotification.first
noty.custom_properties = nil
device = => '5gxadhy6 6zmtxfl6 5zpbcxmw ez3w7ksf qscpr55t trknkzap 7yyt45sc g6jrw7qz')
noty.message_for_sending(device).should == fixture_value('message_for_sending.bin')
+ end
it 'should raise an APN::Errors::ExceededMessageSizeError if the message is too big' do
app = AppFactory.create

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