A teaching tool which randomly generates nested data structures
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Nesty Hash

You can see Nesty Hash live at https://nesty-hash.herokuapp.com/.


Nesty Hash is a tool I designed to help my programming students gain more experience with nested data structures. It allows the user to randomly generate nested data structures by selecting data types to include and a maximum nesting depth.


This project uses React Ace to display the data structure snippets. The CSS is Semantic UI React along with some custom CSS Grid.

The code to randomly generate nested data structures works by recursively generating new data structures from the selected options at each level of the hash. The code to prettify the data structures inserts newlines and tabs based on character-matching.


Nesty Hash was bootstrapped with Create React App. To install, fork and clone this repository. Run npm install to install dependencies. Then run npm start to start a server on http://localhost:3000/.