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Niland API Python Wrapper


To setup your project, follow these steps:

  1. Install Niland API Client using pip: pip install pyniland.
    Alternatively, you could clone this repository and then run the following command : python install

  2. Next you'll have to initialize the client with your API-Key. You can find it on your Niland API account.

from pyniland.client import Client

client = Client('YourAPIKey')

Quick Start

List tracks using pagination

data = client.get('tracks', {'page_size': 10, 'page': 2})

Retrieve a track by its reference

data = client.get('tracks/reference/YOUR_REFERENCE')

Find tracks by similarity and/or tags

data = client.get('tracks/search', {
    'similar_ids': [1234],
    'tag_ids': [21, 41]

Post a track

data ='tracks', {
    'title': 'foobar',
    'artist': 'foobar',
    'reference': 'foobar',
    'tags': [21, 41],
    'audio': open('/path/to/your/audio/file.mp3', 'rb')