Unit testing using Typescript, Mocha, Chai, Mochawesome, Gulp, Visual Studio Code
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Travis CI: Build Status

Unit testing using Typescript and Mocha. Code tested in Node.js v6.11.4.

To run this code:

  1. Go to project root folder
  2. npm install (downloads node dependencies)
  3. code . (opens project in VS Code)
  4. F5 (runs VS code launch task)

Tools, Libraries, Frameworks used:

  1. Coding Typescript.
  2. Testing framework Mocha.
  3. Chai for assertion framework.
  4. Mochawesome for reporting.
  5. Gulp for build tasks.
  6. Visual Studio Code for code editor and launch tasks
  7. Travis for CI build and test
  8. Browser based testing with Selenium

Refer these blog posts for step by step guide:

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