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Readme update to explain how to use data synchronization.

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@@ -24,6 +24,23 @@ You can also deactivate dualsync to some requests, when you want to sync with th
SomeCollection.create({name: "someone"}, {remote: false});
+## Data synchronization
+When the client goes offline, dualStorage allows you to keep changing and destroying records. All changes will be send when the client goes online again.
+ // server online. Go!
+ People.fetch(); // load cars models and save them into localstorage
+ // server offline!
+ People.create({name: "Turing"}); // you still can create new cars...
+ People.models[0].save({age: 41}); // update existing ones...
+ People.models[1].destroy(); // and destroy as well
+ // server online again!
+ People.syncDirtyAndDestroyed(); // all changes are sent to the server and localStorage is updated
+Keep in mind that if you try to fetch() a collection that has dirty data, only data currently in the localStorage will be loaded. collection.syncDirtyAndDestroyed() needs to be executed before trying to download new data from the server.
## Credits
Thanks to [Mark Woodall]( for the QUnit tests.

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