Feature request: add a remote:"never" option per save #138

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This is an edge case for me, but I have a case where a user model is used for login and that is sent up to the server. I'd like to not have the user's password in the localstorage after the login, so I can easily go in and do a:

user.save({password:null}, {remote:false})

Which is fine, but then there is a dirty user record sitting out there, that will never be saved to the server. It would be better if I could specify a local change with a remote:'never' or some other option and then have that change never go into the dirty (or destroyed) queues for later syncing.

(Now that I'm typing this, I think I just realized I need to do a custom parse maybe so that I can blank out that password before local save - so this might be a nonsensical case - but its an idea nonetheless.)

nilbus commented Apr 27, 2015

We were discussing this here: #12 (comment)

I had also said this, which you have just shown me was an incorrect assumption:

I don't believe we need any mode that uses local storage does not mark records dirty.

Accounting for that, what do you think about having a storageMode option with these options? I'm open to suggestions on the option names. Do they make the behavior obvious?

storageMode: mode # one of: ['dual' (default), 'offline', 'remote-only', 'local-only']
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I think those work ok. I can't think of a reason why I would use remote-only right now, but it makes sense for completeness. I think the names work fine if their use is documented.

I'm not sure I understand what offline is for?

I'm a little bit confused - would these used in conjunction with the "remote: false" or as a replacement? If a replacement, then I agree this is a better system - providing the decision can be made broadly at the model AND at the individual record save.

Again, I'm dealing with a weird edge case, so I hate to pollute the pool with that. But if there are other uses then making sure to have a local-only for completeness would help my case.

nilbus commented Apr 27, 2015

I will document the options regardless, but I hope to make the option names make sense without having to refer to documentation.

These would replace both the local and remote options. storageMode: 'offline' would be equivalent to how remote: false acts now: it skips the online step, makes the changes locally, and marks the records dirty. Does this table make it clear?

storageMode option online sync ($.ajax) localstorage update mark records dirty current equivalent
dual (default) if offline default
offline remote option false AND local attribute falsey
local-only remote option false AND local attribute truthy
remote-only remote attribute truthy

Yep, that makes sense!

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