Rails template to setup a Rails 3 project with jQuery support.
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Rails template to setup a new Rails 3 app to use the new jQuery drivers instead of the default prototype ones. More information is available at: http://loganleger.com/rails-3-jquery.

How to Use - New Project

rails new <appname> -m <path/to/jquery.rb>

The template will ask you if you want to override :defaults and add :jquery or just do one or the other.

So, for example, if you make download this template in ~/Sites:
rails new <appname> -m ~/Sites/jquery.rb

Otherwise, you can run it directly from github like so:
rails new <appname> -m http://github.com/lleger/Rails-3-jQuery/raw/master/jquery.rb

This template also makes a new javascript expansion if requested, :jquery, for use in the javascript_include_tag. For example:
<% javascript_include_tag :jquery %>

How to Use - Existing Project

If you're converting a Rails 3 app to jQuery, you can use rake rails:template to execute the template inside your existing app.

rake rails:template LOCATION=http://github.com/lleger/Rails-3-jQuery/raw/master/jquery.rb


This template works via this process:

  1. Remove old prototype js
  2. Download latest jQuery min and place into javascripts folder
  3. Download latest jQuery drivers and place into javascripts folder
  4. Create requested javascript expansions


You are free to make any and all modifications to the template and use it in whatever appropriate context you desire, as long as you keep the attributions in place.

Pull Requests

I'm sure there are a lot of ways this can be done better, so if you make changes please send me a pull request.