A tiny module that aims to provide a REST-like interface to any Ruby object
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Rackable is a tiny module that aims to make any Ruby object Rack-friendly and provide it with a REST-like interface.

Basically, what it does is providing an object with a call() method that uses the Rack environement to dispatch to a method, giving helper objects such as headers, query parameters, ...


You can run the specs by running bacon on the rackable.rb file. Bacon is available at chneukirchen/bacon


Look in the examples/ folder.


Rackable provides a rack readable attribute which is a struct containing the following fields:

  • env: the parameter for call
  • response: a Rack::Response object that is returned by call
  • header: a hash of headers that is part of response
  • request: a Rack::Request created from the environement given to call
  • query: a hash of parameters extracted from the query string
  • data: a hash of parameters extracted from the request body (POST, PUT)

For both query and data, keys of the hash are symbols.

You can easily handle errors with the provided http_error method. It takes an error code and an optional message. If no message is given, the standard message from the HTTP Status Codes list will be used (eg. Not Found for 404)