Fork of tool to convert Textmate snippets into YASnippet formats
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This is a fork of Jeff Wheeler's script to convert Textmate
snippets to YASnippet snippets (for use in Emacs).  I cloned from
his Git repo here:;a=summary

Added Features

I have added the following new features:

* Ability to use an arbitrary SVN url as the source.  The script originally
  only download from MacroMates's SVN though with the convenience of only
  having having to specify the bundle name.  You can still do that, but now
  you can instead specify the URL of a Textmate bundle with the --url option.

* Ability to use a downloaded Textmate bundle as the source (using the
  --folder option)

An example usage of specifying an SVN repository as the source (in this
case an Oracle PL/SQL bundle used in plsql-mode): \
 --url \
 --path ~/Emacs/snippets/text-mode/plsql-mode

Note that currently the URL specified should have a trailing slash
("Bundle/" is appended to it).

To use a downloaded bundle: \
 --folder ~/Downloads/Oracle.tmbundle \
 --path ~/Emacs/snippets/text-mode/plsql-mode


This is a script that converts exported Eclispe templates to YASnippet
format.  It is currently a work in progress, but does work to some degree.