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This is URL shortening application using the Django framework
The shortened URLs use the base 62 value of ids of the model they are
stored in. A count of how many times the URLs are used is kept. The
main page shows the 10 most recent and 10 most popular URLs.
Download Blueprint from:
Copy the "blueprint" folder into static/css/ (which you may need to create)
Note that in a production installation, you'll want to have your web
server serve the "static" folder instead of letting Django serve it.
The following values need to be set in
The name of the site (e.g. '')
The base URL of the site. This can be based on the SITE_NAME:
SITE_BASE_URL = 'http://' + SITE_NAME + '/'
Set REQUIRE_LOGIN to True if you want to require that a user be
logged in to be able to submit a URL to be shortened. Set it
to False if you do not want to require login to submit a URL.
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