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QuickShell is an Eclipse plugin to use Java JShell (REPL) inside Eclipse IDE.
JDK 9+ is not installed on your system? No worries, you can still use QuickShell using external unzipped JDK. So without disturbing your existing project setup, you can use QuickShell.

How to setup :

There are multiple ways to install this plugin:

  • Download from Eclipse marketplace:

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Note : QuickShell is depends on Eclipse 'TM Terminal' plugin. If it is already not install in your Eclipse (Press Ctrl+Alt+T to check) , please download from Eclipse Marketplace. Without this plugin some features of QuickShell will not work. Check this Question for more

How to configure :

  • Go to Eclipse menu, Window -> Preferences -> QuickShell Settings and click on browse to select jshell executable present in JDK installation directory.(JDK 9+) ( jshell.exe in Windows). See screenshot below :

Note : Even though you are using older JDK for running eclipse, you can still use this plugin by using external JDK. For this you can download JDK9+ from unzip it somewhere and select path of jshell executable in setting specified above.

How to use :

1. Java class lines as jshell script :

Select your existing code in java editor and click on right-click menu QuickShell -> Run as JShell script.


2. Run .jsh (jshell file) :

Create a file with extension .jsh. for example test.jsh and right-click on it and click on the pop-up menu QuickShell -> Run JShell Script. Check the screenshot below:


3. Start JShell in Eclipse Terminal :

Click on eclipse menu QuickShell -> Start JShell in Eclipse Terminal. This will open jshell in eclipse terminal.


4. Start JShell native Executable :

Click on eclipse menu QuickShell -> Start JShell Executable. This will call jshell executable in a separate window. (Note: This is a platform-dependent feature it may not be supported on your operating system or it may not work on your operating system. I have tested on Windows and it is working as expected. I am trying to support other OS in next releases.