The official danger/u/ app, replacing Eren Black's MIT App Inventor version
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La/u/ncher 4.2.5

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Direct link:

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Known bugs

  • Changing the bar color won't take full effect until all UserscriptActivity instances are destroyed (i.e. rotating the screen or restarting the app) Fixed in 4.1.5
  • Creating a new thread, then going to the thread watcher and unwatching it, then replying to the thread with "Watch thread on reply disabled" will watch the thread again because ?watch is still in the URL
  • Creating a new thread sometimes leads to negative "new post" values in the thread watcher Should be fixed in 4.2.2, never could quite reproduce this accurately
  • Reportedly cannot be uninstalled on a zenfone max first series

todo list

  • control+f
  • allow user to specify their own hex code for toolbar_color
  • actual toggles that don't require recreating the whole list for settings, little > arrows on the right for more menus
  • supposedly userscript is not drawing bar if opening thread via thread watcher
  • display board in thread watcher
  • supposedly scrolls all the way up when unwatching a thread


La/u/ncher is released under the GPLv3