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French-Chinese Dictionnary for Android
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Chinese French Dictionary For Android

Free Chinese-French Dictionary for Android devices. Released under the BSD license.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Build project

  • Go to the project root directory and type android update project --path . to specify the sdk directory (only required once).
  • Run the ant release command.

Modify the project configuration

  • Open the file and modify it if needed
  • Run the ant config command to include the previously modified configuration to the Java project.

Dictionary data

  • This project uses a modified version of the CFDICT dictionary.
  • To generate dictionary data, please see the dbparser git branch.
  • You will also have to modify the DATABASE_VERSION number in the DictDbHelper class.

Steps to do before releasing the application

  • Update versionCode and versionName in the AndroidManifest.xml file
  • Update dictionary data
  • Open, set logging.level=0 and the database.version
  • Launch ant clean config release
  • Sign application and run zipalign (See Android Developers Documentation)


Contact me

Use my github's nickname (at) gmail (dot) com

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