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require 'rake'
OakTree static HTML blog generation tool.
If you're smart, you won't use this. Otherwise, run 'oak' and read the
instructions. It's fairly simple to use.
EOD { |spec| = 'oaktree'
spec.version = '0.4.3' = '2012-07-01'
spec.summary = 'OakTree static HTML blog'
spec.description = DESCRIPTION
spec.authors = ['Noel Cower']
spec.licenses = ['WTFPL-2', 'MIT'] = ''
spec.homepage = ''
spec.executables << 'oak'
spec.files = FileList['lib/**/*.rb',
spec.add_dependency 'mustache', '>= 0.99'
spec.add_dependency 'kramdown', '>= 0.13'
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