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SDL bindings for ooc
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ooc-sdl is a set of ooc bindings for the SDL library.

To use this, make sure 1) you have SDL 1.2 and 2) you clone this into your $OOC_LIBS directory. Once that's done, simply add

use sdl
import sdl

to your source code and you're good to go. Most of the API has had case/formatting changes but the names are all the same, so you shouldn't have any issue using this if you've already got experience with SDL.


  • Amos Wenger (nddrylliog) — Cleaned up the generated code, made this work, wrote the compiler, etc.
  • Friedrich Weber (fredreichbier) — generated the original code for the bindings using babbisch.
  • Noel Cower (Nilium) — Cleaned up generated code, wrote this README.
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