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Minimalist Sublime Text 2 UI dark and light themes and color schemes. Includes HDPI support for retina displays. (Not maintained.)
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Nil theme

Nil theme Nil UI theme for Sublime Text 2

This theme is based on Raik Ilves's Pseudo OSX theme, which is in turn based on Ian Hill's Soda theme. Additionally, this theme was inspired by Liam Cain's Refresh theme, which is also a variant of Pseudo OSX. So, it's worth noting that Raik's made a pretty handy base for new themes. I recommend checking out both of them if this doesn't do it for you (and it's rough around the edges, so it may not).

A couple of Raik's notes follow because they're pertinent

Scrollbars are from the default theme.

So I mainly didn't do anything. (N: Same. Just created images and colors.)


You can download or clone the repository into your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory. To do this, simply navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages (or wherever it is on your particular operating system) and run the following command:

git clone git:// 'Theme - Nil'

It's very important you clone the repository into the Theme - Nil directory otherwise the theme won't locate its assets and will take on an eldritch appearance. You don't want Shub-Niggurath crawling out of your screen, so remember, put it in the right directory.

Manually Downloading

Rename the folder to Theme - Nil and put it in your Packages directory. That's it.


In your Settings - User file (hit ⌘, on Mac OS to open it), set the theme key to "Nil.sublime-theme", like so:

    "theme": "Nil.sublime-theme"

Assuming you have then installed it correctly, it should show the theme. Due to what I assume is settings from previous themes surviving, you may wish to restart Sublime Text 2 as well, but otherwise you should be good to go.

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