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- (id)name {…} - (void)setName….sublime-snippet
@property (strong) id name.sublime-snippet
@synthesize name = _name;.sublime-snippet
extern "C" { … }.sublime-snippet




Under the quick panel as "Set Dark Theme" and "Set Light Theme"

Swaps your current theme for given dark or light theme settings. Relevant settings for that:

  • light_color_scheme and dark_color_scheme specify your light & dark color schemes respectively. Defaults to Dawn and Monokai respectively.

  • light_theme and dark_theme specify the light & dark UI themes respectively. Defaults to the default theme.


Under the quick panel as "License: Insert License"

Inserts one of the specified licenses at the insertion point (or replaces whatever you have selected). Fairly simply.

Settings for insert_license:

  • wrap_width: If greater than 1, the license text will be wrapped to that width.

  • full_name: Your name. Defaults to "A Nameless Jerk" just to encourage you to change it.

  • project_name: Your project's name. Should be in project settings. Defaults to "this program" -- only used for GPL licenses. No need to set it otherwise.

  • license_wrap: The column width the license is wrapped to. Maybe you dislike enabling word-wrap and it only applies to your license header. What the hell do I know? Defaults to 80 because I'm going to make you wrap your damned license.


Under the quick panel as "C: Include Once"

Generates include guards for the file this is run in. If you've got text selected already, it'll wrap it in the include guards.