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The SoftROM is a ROM replacement for Commodore CBM/PET computers as described at

Please note: current state is alpha and partially a TODO-list.

This tool writes ROM images to the EEPROM non-volatile memory.

The current version is for BASIC 4 and 80 column display. Future versions will support BASIC 2 and 40 columns too.

It shows the directory of a drive with a file selection bar and lets the user select an image to write into the EEPROM with cursor up/down. If the directory exceeds the size of the screen, it scrolls up and down.

A filter is available to show only files with appropiate size and start address that qualify the file as an extension ROM image file.

ENTER starts the write process:

  • buffer file into RAM
  • EEPROM write protection is disabled
  • buffered file content is written in chunks of 64 bytes
  • EEPROM write protection is enabled again
  • Verify EEPROM against file buffer