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SomaFM XBMC Plugin


Installation currently requires you to know where your addons folder is located. Please refer to the XBMC Wiki article on userdata to find it. To find the addons folder, simply replace every instance of userdata in the article with addons.


  1. Change into your addons folder
  2. Clone the repository into a new folder
  3. Done

On Linux and possibly Mac OSX

cd ~/xbmc/addons/
git clone


Unfortunately, installing from a ZIP-file is not a lot easier

  1. Download the ZIP Archive from GitHub
  2. Extract the contents
  3. Rename the resulting folder xbmc-somafm-master to
  4. Move the folder to your addons folder

Again on Linux and possibly Mac OSX

wget --content-disposition
mv xbmc-somafm-master/
mv ~/xbmc/addons/