system for automated grid roller messuaring
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What's it?

This is the code for my bachelor thesis I'm currently working on. It's based on a simple linear moveable table carrying sensors. The result should be the profile of a grid roller. I dropped leonardo support including support HID support for direct measuring into excel etc. The support for the leonardo is at this point quite bad :(

What language is it written in?

It's written in arduino language code

What's its current status?

Currently under devlopment

Roadmap includes the following goals:

  • working with arduino leonardo for HID-support
  • direct value input into every prgram you want

How to install?

It's very easy. Just copy the files into your arduino sketchfolder and wire your system. You also need to install this additional libraries:

Wich hardware is used?

Currently are different parts used

  • Arduino Uno
  • Adafruit motorshield + AFmotor library
  • 200 Rev Stepper (Pololu, 10V, 500mA)
  • terminal switches - connected to D2/D3
  • MLX90614 IR thermometer