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also known as Huemacs

Some weird Emacs stuff to control your Hue lights. Work in progress, patches welcome.

This app/whatever does obviously not belong to Philips Lighting.


Load hue-control.el however you want.

Before you can control your lights you must authorise yourself with your Hue bridge. To do that, run M-x hue-control-authorise once, then push the button on your Hue bridge, and finally run that command again. Once that’s done you should not need to authorise again, as the username used for authorisation is then stored inside a customisation variable.

Now the real fun begins. Turn on a light:

M-x hue-control-light-on

This will ask you for the ID of the light. In the Future™ a list with all available lights should appear from which you can choose the light to turn on. However, since we’re living in the Present®, therefore we can’t have nice things.

Is the lamp set too bright or too dark? I’ve got you covered:

M-x hue-control-light-brightness

Once you’ve had enough fun with turning on a light, you can easily turn it off again:

M-x hue-control-light-off


Yes. Also, a nice bar in Linz.


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