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nilshoffmann Fixed issues with jzy3d resizing and moving. Updated JOGL version to …
…eliminate random lockups. Updated to NetBeans 7.4.
Latest commit 5daa16b Jan 3, 2014


This project is a NetBeans RCP project demonstrating how to wrap JOGL 2 within a component and how to set up and display a TopComponent using the NEWT windowing toolkit.

Additionally, it includes a recent version of the jzy3d library based on JOGL 2, using the NEWT canvas.

The Module requires at least NetBeans 7.4. It may work with earlier versions. It adds two additional menu entries under "Window->JOGL 2 Demo" and "Window->Jzy3D Demo".

We currently use JOGL 2.1.3.. Please note that Jzy3D 0.9.1, bundled in this module has been compiled against a previous RC version of JOGL. Therefor, please look at the implementation within Jzy3DDemoTopComponent for a workaround for a known issue with that version.